Everything We Saw At Kanye West's Star-Packed Social Experiment In Wyoming

Kanye West is a master of the redemptive arc. As music industry titans filed into Diamond Cross Ranch on a crisp Thursday evening, the façade wasn't hard to peel back. The same critics who claimed West was cancelled after calling slavery "a choice" were now in a bacchanalian haze watching caramel and chocolate horses roam in green tranquility. For one fleeting night, West did what he does best. He sampled. Only this time the records he smashed together were in service of a social experiment. Wh

10 Things To Know About Valee, The Chicago Rap Rookie Backed By Kanye And Chance

Valee is concise. In an era where a rapper's omnipresence and volume of output can obscure the line between charisma and talent, the Chicago MC has the rare ability to get in and get out in all aspects of his career. Valee's songs rarely go past three minutes. They purposefully act as eternal appetizers, forcing the listener to want more from an elusive star in the making. His social media presence is scarce and direct like his artistry. Perhaps the best summary of Valee's skillset is on his fi